About Me

Hi Everyone!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I am always so excited when someone visits my blog that isn’t my mom.  (Hi Mom!)

I started this blog in January 2017 when I decided to make some changes in my life. You see, 10 years ago I left a great job in NYC to follow my dreams of traveling and living abroad with my talented husband.  From London to Shanghai, we moved, and I chased job after job as we went, but was never in a place long enough to build a career out of them. When we found out I was pregnant it was the day before we moved to Amsterdam.. Not only that, but I was pregnant with twins!! Talk about shock of a lifetime! So I decided to focus on growing these little humans for a while. I’d go back to focusing on a career after they were born… And then it was 4 years later 🙂 Being at home with them, I had more time to dedicate to my cooking and it became my creative outlet.  Something for me.  I am sure some of you Moms can relate to that!

But I was still desperate to get back to work. To finally get back to building my career. Only I didn’t know what that was anymore. I went back to work. Freelanced for 8 months and then came to the realisation that what I was chasing before kids wasn’t what I wanted anymore. I did some soul searching and decided I wanted to do something I was passionate about. And that passion is food.

So now I am using this blog as an outlet to figure out just what I want to do.  I love coming up with recipe ideas and have been creating my own recipes and photographing and writing them for the last 2 years.  But I am still new to it.  I am learning how to write, how to style my food and how to photograph it. It’s fun and challenging and daunting but overall its exciting.

I hope I can entice you to make some of my recipes and if you do, don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments!  Have a question?  Feel free to reach out.  I love getting mail!

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