about me

Hello!  My name is Tamara and I am a recipe developer and aspiring food stylist and photographer. This blog is dedicated to building my skills at all of the above.  I have been cooking for over 10 years and after the birth of my twins in 2012, I really found a passion for recipe development. In 2017 I decided that I wanted to follow my food dream full time.  I am still trying to figure out just what that food dream is, so I am branching out from just recipe development to teach myself food styling and photography. I have found that I really enjoy those elements of creativity as well.


All of my recipes go through a rigorous assessment from my twin 5 year old boys and a husband who’s always honest about my new attempts 😉  We eat everything in this house – gluten, sugar, dairy, meat, veg and fruit.  I try very hard to provide us with a balanced diet of all of these things.  I truly believe in the 80/20 rule.  I have tried grain-free and whole 30 diets in the past and although I enjoyed developing new recipes based on certain requirements, I find that a balanced diet is best for our family.

Graffity & Boys

So you will find plenty of recipes featuring vegan, vegetarian and grain-free meals along side slow roasted thick cut ribs and homemade bbq sauce, lots of cake and taco recipes 🙂  I like to think that my recipes really reflect modern comfort food.

We have been a traveling family as well.  I have lived in 5 countries: Canada, USA, UK, China and presently The Netherlands.  My recipes are heavily influenced by our travels and experiences living abroad.  I like to mix and match things all the time.  My tacos often have Asian influence and I love putting fish sauce in EVERYTHING – my tomato sauce is the bomb! Sriracha is my homeboy and Kaffir Lime and Coriander feature prominently. My hope is that you like this mix too!

Vegan Summer Rolls

I have shared a little more in depth about how I came to realise food is my passion in my blog post How Tamara’s Table Came About.  Have a read and I hope you follow along and engage with me along this journey.

Have a question?  Feel free to reach out.  I love getting mail!

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