I love making pesto.  There are a million different combinations and a million different recipes to do with it.  Pesto brings such vibrant colour and flavour to any dish.  It’s a pretty basic formula: something leafy, an acid , a cheese, some nuts and olive oil to bring it all together. Blitz in a blender to emulsify.  Great as a salad dressing, marinade or drizzled over crispy skin salmon!

DSC_0081 (2)

This is an easy weeknight dinner to throw together but it looks pretty enough for entertaining… and its easy to scale up or down depending on how many guests you have. I served my with roasted cauliflower and vine tomatoes with fresh spinach. This would taste equally good with rice or over a salad with your favourites leaves.

DSC_0093 (1)

Once again there are lots of ways to mix this up. Different veg or a different kind of fish. I do a similar dish and serve the fish and tomatoes over a sweet potato rosti.

I love to hear when you’ve tried one of my recipes so let me know what you think in the comments below!


Salmon & Pesto