The weather has gone cold here again and February, although a short month, drags on with these grey, grey days.  I think the best way to combat those long winter days is with warm and hearty meals.  This one fits the bill.  So start the fire, put on your warm socks and curl up with a bowl of this delicious pasta.


This is actually one of the very first recipes I created.  I honestly can’t even remember why or how it developed – I have been making it for that long!  Now that my recipe catalogue has grown, it doesn’t get made as often, but when it does, everyone is happy.  Both my boys say this is their favourite dinner and so does my mom!  Even my mother-in-law had seconds when I made it for her and that is saying a lot since she hardly eats even one portion of anything.


This is a great dish for a dinner party.  Easy to prep the sauce in advance so more time with your guests!  Serve with a big green salad and some crusty garlic bread and I guarantee it will be a hit.  Leftovers??  It even tastes just as good the next day.  Reheats well on the stove with a splash of cream or water to loosen the sauce again.