You know that saying “Don’t mess with a good thing”?  Normally I have to agree.  Banana cake or banana bread as I like to call it is a weekly occurrence in our house and its good as it is.  You don’t need to mess with the classic, but if you want to, this is the recipe.  What goes better with bananas than chocolate and peanut butter??


Plus that peanut butter swirl just looks so darn pretty. This cake is super moist and goes perfectly with a cuppa on those cold and grey February mornings, afternoons and evenings 🙂  I might add that this recipe is free from refined sugar and uses mostly the sweetness of the bananas… so you don’t have to feel as bad if you are having a slice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But everything in moderation guys!


This follows my traditional banana bread recipe so you if you don’t feel like jazzing it up with the extra bling, then you can still use this recipe for the classic.


If you’re feeling extra naughty, have a slice with a shmear of butter and sprinkle with a little flaked sea salt.  EXTRA!!!