This dish doesn’t appear on my table enough.  It’s one of those those dishes that when I make it, I wonder why I’m not eating it everyday. Spicy tomato sauce, gooey eggs and all scooped up with a crusty break loaf.  Can’t go wrong with that combo!


I always use whole peeled tomatoes rather than diced.  Diced tomatoes are usually the bottom of the barrel tomatoes so the quality isn’t as good… and this dish really relies on the quality of the tomatoes.


I am also going to go a little crazy here and say that if you have some leftover tomato sauce (say from those Chicken Parm Meatballs) then you can easily convert that into a Shakshuka.  This is a versatile recipe and you can play around with it.  Add in roasted red peppers, different spices, make it Mexican with jalapeños.  Really there are no rules.



If you want to make individual Shakshukas like in these pictures, preheat your oven to 200C/400F and place your dishes inside the oven to heat up as well – this will help the egg to cook evenly.  Follow the recipe the same and then when it’s time for the eggs, scoop the tomato mixture into your individual dishes, crack your eggs and place in the over for 8-10 mins.