I grew up with my mom’s pecan pie as our Thanksgiving staple.  It’s definitely a favourite of mine. So when I made this for my moms 70th birthday and she said it was the best cake she ever had, well then knew I was on to something.

This was a recipe tester photo – testing the volumes of ingredients in each layer – can you tell the difference?

Why break with tradition? Why make a pie a cake? Because cakes have frosting that’s why.  To me the best part of cake is the frosting… If there is one way to improve on this pie classic is to make it a cake and frost it with maple bourbon frosting.


This rich, indulgent cake is all sugar, butter and pecans.  Just a small slice is enough to satisfy so it’s a great cake for entertaining and holiday dinners.  What’s also great is that you can easily make it ahead of time as it keeps well – even after a few days it’s still moist.


Recipe adapted from Bake or Break.