This is another recipe that I developed during my grain-free stint.  I love roasting Lentils.  They take on such a beautiful texture, crispy on the outside but creamy inside.  It gives dishes like this a little bit of crunch and with the sweetness of the pumpkin /squash/carrots and the salty sausages, its an explosion of flavours and textures.

This is one of my all time favourite meals to make and to eat. Its super easy to throw together which makes it great for a weeknight dinner. Don’t skip the pomegranates at the end, it really takes the dish to another level.sausage-tray-bake

You can also use this recipe with any veg you like.  I often mix it up and use whatever I have leftover in the fridge – broccoli and leeks, cauliflower and fennel.  Anything works!