A few years ago when we were in Tokyo, we had this amazing meal of tuna jowl and it was life changing.  Still to this day that meal is in my top five – very near the top.  I had learned long ago from Anthony Bourdain on No Reservations that the cheeks were the best part of the animal and this meal proved it.  From then on, I have looked for cheeks on menus and at the butcher.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Which leads me to to this recipe – there is no better way to make tacos than with some slow cooked pork cheeks.  When cooked properly, the cheeks have this creamy, melt in your mouth texture and after a couple hours of braising or in the slow cooker they are falling apart.  Yum!!  Tacos are no joke and I take them pretty seriously, that’s why this recipe has a lot more steps than many of my others.  It’s not difficult, it just requires quite a few components but let me assure you that the effort is repaid ten-fold and these tacos are delicious!


Tacos are great for entertaining.  Just place all the components on the table family style, make a pitcher of Margaritas and everyone will be happy!