My dad’s kitchen speciality was breakfast growing up.  More specifically weekend brunch (now you know that my connection with brunch runs deep).  Corn fritters were my dad’s #1 most requested recipe and my brother and sister’s favourite.  My favourite was his fried latkes (mainly because those have this sweet/salty flavour combo going on… which in my opinion is the best flavour combo…but that’s for another day).


Dad made his fritters with creamed corn and lots of onions and my mouth is watering just thinking of them.  We used to slather them in sour cream  and we could all easily eat a dozen each!  Creamed corn, however, is not readily available in the ‘dam so when I had a craving, I had to come up with my own version. These taste nothing like his but are equally as good!


These fritters have a light and fluffy texture on the inside that goes so nicely with the crispy coating. I made these a little extra with beer to give them a lightness and different flavour profile, but if you don’t drink alcohol or don’t feel comfortable feeding it to your kids, you can substitute soda water or sparkling water. I would add another pinch of salt in this case.


If you are also trying to be a bit more healthy you can cook them in a non stick pan just like a pancake instead of frying in oil.  The texture will be a little different but the flavour will still kick ass.